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Another year, and I'm STILL not going...

...Not that I wanted to, anyway.


So, for anyone else not going to D*C, here's what I've thought of so far:

- Pony competition! At D*C, they have a workshop to do creative things with My Little Pony. Here, we have technology. I'll gather some Pony pics (feel free to find your own, though), and post them here. The challenge is to make and post your interpretation of a Pony resembling a Stargate character (SG-1, people from the SGC, villains, monsters, scenery... do what you will). And then we laugh at them. And, bonus: the actors will never see them.

- Discussion panels! No, we have no celebrities (sigh). But we do have some beautiful people of our own, and they brain good. I'll post a few discussion questions, but feel free to start your own panel if you have any questions you particularly want to air. Or link us to posts on your own LJ - anything to keep us entertained is very welcome!

- Continuum rewatch on AIM. More about that soon.

- Pics every day, and our traditional (what? Two years is enough to be a tradition, right?) caption challenge.

- Round Robin fic (a fic that is started by one person, then continued on by other people).

- Anything else you want to do. *throws floor open*



Sulky Jack
For fans who can't go to Dragon*Con


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