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Round robin fic

The idea of this is that anyone can add a new section to this story - however long you feel like, whether a couple of lines, a few paragraphs, whatever. And then someone else adds the next section, and someone else the next, and so on. The bit I've written came from an idea by aurora_novarum . I'll kick off...


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Oh. My. God., I have lost a day somewhere. It's entirely the fault of this game, as linked to by ayiana. I can't say I wasn't warned, though.

Er, so, belatedly -

"I can't open it until my birthday? Nor can I conduct tests on the wrapping paper to see if there's any evidence of what might be inside? Nor can I get Janet to x-ray it? But, Daaaad...!"

And possibly the most adorable picture ever...Collapse )
Both from Gateworld, without permission. I hope they don't mind.


ETA: And, in case you've missed it on abyssinia4077 's post, the Continuum rewatch starts in an hour (4:30pm EDT, or check here to work out your local time). She's opening the chatroom in half an hour, and we press play at 4:30pm/whatever your local time is.


Caption me

More photo fun, again from Gateworld (who have a rocking photo collection, wow. *gets stuck on all the arm porn from Forsaken*).



(And, for anyone interested in the aforementioned Forsaken pics...

...guh...Collapse )


Pony Workshop

Here's a chance to show your creative side. At Dragon*Con, they have a Pony workshop. Here, we have technology. Now, as D*C is multi-fandom, this challenge is also opened up to any fandom. The idea is to adapt one or more of these Ponies to make it look like one of your favourite heroes, villains, minor characters – heck, scenery, technology, whatever floats your boat (*is now imagining Ha'tak Pony*).

Below is a blank Pony, and if you follow this link, there are a selection of more Ponies, mostly with their normal tattoos removed (the things I do for fandom). Take any of them, or source your own picture – and hey, if you have a Pony or two at home, and want to decorate them, that would be extremely cool, too.

When you're done, post a picture back at this post, so we can scare the living daylights out of one another.

There's no time limit, and no voting – have fun with it!

The pink... the horrible pink...Collapse )


Some more activities

abyssinia4077is polling to see what times people might be interested in having a Continuum rewatch (on AIM – see redial_the_gatefor examples of how it works). Go here, if you're interested.

And aurora_novarumhas very kindly agreed that we can carry on with her round robin fic, as begun last year. Anyone is welcome to participate – just post your segment to comments in the original post, here. And you might want to check for updates just before you post!

There may also be a dark and moody round robin fic on its way...

Captionate THIS.

Okay peeps who aren't at D*C, here's some pretty for you. In the spirit of non-con...

Continuum pic behind cut, to save flists and spoilers.Collapse )

I've come up with a horrible caption - so please, let's hear some alternatives!

Photo from Gateworld, without permission but with great appreciation for their wonderful collection.


Another year, and I'm STILL not going...

...Not that I wanted to, anyway.


So, for anyone else not going to D*C, here's what I've thought of so far:

- Pony competition! At D*C, they have a workshop to do creative things with My Little Pony. Here, we have technology. I'll gather some Pony pics (feel free to find your own, though), and post them here. The challenge is to make and post your interpretation of a Pony resembling a Stargate character (SG-1, people from the SGC, villains, monsters, scenery... do what you will). And then we laugh at them. And, bonus: the actors will never see them.

- Discussion panels! No, we have no celebrities (sigh). But we do have some beautiful people of our own, and they brain good. I'll post a few discussion questions, but feel free to start your own panel if you have any questions you particularly want to air. Or link us to posts on your own LJ - anything to keep us entertained is very welcome!

- Continuum rewatch on AIM. More about that soon.

- Pics every day, and our traditional (what? Two years is enough to be a tradition, right?) caption challenge.

- Round Robin fic (a fic that is started by one person, then continued on by other people).

- Anything else you want to do. *throws floor open*


Hello? Hello out there?

Is this comm going to be revived while the other cool kids go play at DragonCon? Any interest in activities? Any idea what to do?

Caption This

Non Con Chatroom

meg_tdj has been kind even to create a chatroom for the comm this weekend. Anyone is welcome to come by and it's always open, so people can come and go as they please. All you need is a delphi account if you don't have one already. If you want to sign up, it's easy and free.

I won't be in there right this instant, but I might be there later. I will be in and out of there tomorrow and probably will stop by on Monday. I am just kicking back this weekend so I'm sure you'll find me.

If you haven't figured it out, it's the second chatroom listed ;)

Here is the chat: http://forums.delphiforums.com/gateviewforum/chat