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Round robin fic

The idea of this is that anyone can add a new section to this story - however long you feel like, whether a couple of lines, a few paragraphs, whatever. And then someone else adds the next section, and someone else the next, and so on. The bit I've written came from an idea by aurora_novarum . I'll kick off...


"...With the... freedom of our... hands? That we may—Damn."

The last word wasn't written on the photo of the ruins that Daniel was attempting to translate. It was a more spontaneous utterance, inspired by the fact that the room had suddenly been plunged into darkness. He waited, looking up, and in a moment the emergency lights kicked in, bathing the room in green.

Wondering why green, and whether colorblind people had a problem with it, he reached for the phone, just as it rang. "Daniel Jackson."

"Doctor Jackson!"

"Walter? Do you know what's—"

"Shut up, sir," interrupted Walter, bouncing desperately between his innate decorum and the urgent need to speak. "Something's come through the Stargate, and we think it has Major Carter."

"Something? We? Has?"

"Have you got a zat, sir?"


"Good. Colonel O'Neill is trying to gather all unaffected personnel. Take your zat, and head to the stairs. If you see Major Carter, don't listen to her. Please, it's very important. Shoot her once, if you have to, and get out of there. We're rendezvousing at—"

--And then the line went dead.

Daniel swore again, under his breath, and glared at the phone. Well, that was just great. He put it down quietly, glancing nervously at the open door behind him. If this was a prank, he was going to kill Jack. He reached quickly into his left hand drawer, located the zat he'd taped to the top of the inside, and pulled it free. Arming it, he slipped to the door, and peered out.


Sulky Jack
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