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Oh. My. God., I have lost a day somewhere. It's entirely the fault of this game, as linked to by ayiana. I can't say I wasn't warned, though.

Er, so, belatedly -

"I can't open it until my birthday? Nor can I conduct tests on the wrapping paper to see if there's any evidence of what might be inside? Nor can I get Janet to x-ray it? But, Daaaad...!"

Both from Gateworld, without permission. I hope they don't mind.


ETA: And, in case you've missed it on abyssinia4077 's post, the Continuum rewatch starts in an hour (4:30pm EDT, or check here to work out your local time). She's opening the chatroom in half an hour, and we press play at 4:30pm/whatever your local time is.



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