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Pony Workshop

Here's a chance to show your creative side. At Dragon*Con, they have a Pony workshop. Here, we have technology. Now, as D*C is multi-fandom, this challenge is also opened up to any fandom. The idea is to adapt one or more of these Ponies to make it look like one of your favourite heroes, villains, minor characters – heck, scenery, technology, whatever floats your boat (*is now imagining Ha'tak Pony*).

Below is a blank Pony, and if you follow this link, there are a selection of more Ponies, mostly with their normal tattoos removed (the things I do for fandom). Take any of them, or source your own picture – and hey, if you have a Pony or two at home, and want to decorate them, that would be extremely cool, too.

When you're done, post a picture back at this post, so we can scare the living daylights out of one another.

There's no time limit, and no voting – have fun with it!




Sulky Jack
For fans who can't go to Dragon*Con


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