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Round Robin Fic

Okay, with pepper_field's permission, I'm posting this here as a possible activity to distract from our jealousy have fun with if anyone wants to play.

While going through my hard drive, I found this beginning of a fic. I...have no idea what I was planning on doing with it, but it's a cute start for...something. LOL So, why not have a "round robin"? I've seen archives of a couple done in the past, but I've never seen one actively done in my couple years of fandom.

Write a bit of dialogue or scene or two in comments and pass it off to whoever wants to chime in next. It happens to be WoO too, so we can play different versions of the day to be as cracky or serious as we'd like. My idea is to keep it gen...but there's likely no limits.

Come on, jump in! You know you want to. It starts with Teal'c love. How can we not have Teal'c love? ;-)

Teal'c was relieved when the nurse finally took the thermometer out, unstrapped the blood pressure cuff, and finished the rote of the physical he and O'Neill had undergone every day for so many times Teal'c had lost track.

Afterwards he and O'Neill would either get together or part ways. Since Daniel Jackson had mentioned that they could act without consequence, he and the colonel had decided to enjoy some of the looping days. Otherwise the monotony would have driven them both crazy. He was already fearing for O'Neill's sanity when he started drawing faces on plates with condiments.

Teal'c moved out into the corridor, hoping this time he could interest O'Neill in participating in golf again. Teal'c was enjoying the game, despite General Hammond's usual interruptions of their play. A whimper as he was leaving the medical wing caught his attention.

He had heard it before, several times, but had dismissed it as other concerns were more immediate, such as helping Daniel Jackson with the translation of the time loop device.


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